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Here is a whole 'nuther conversation worthy of having in the nudie community!
In the same manner as getting naked is not wrong or dirty - imagine if SEXUALITY didn't equal something that must be hidden...... People would not have the taboo about sexuality.... Just like removing the taboo of nudity reduces the need to connect it with sex......Removing the taboo of sex being bad reduces the need to connect it with something bad... Some people would react wrongly at first, for they currently don't know how to handle sexuality...... Just as some people would react wrongly at first and not know how to react to nudity/nudism. This is all among the essence of the SEX-POSITIVE movement and reasoning behind it... I would enjoy my nudist resorts FOR BOTH instead of just one.
And I know others with this attitude that could vouch for these common feelings: I literally have no need or desire now to be aggressive in any approach for female companionship. In fact, I don’t need to approach because I now can just let it go and if it comes my way then I'll know it was meant for me/meant to be... At that point I will not be there FOR sex / by having a different attitude towards it....And if others took the same approach, harassment would actually go down - I've seen it happen that way! - . Because they wouldn't be there for that purpose either. They would have the right attitude about sex by acknowledging THAT IT IS ever present and talking about it and figuring out how to use it positively...
Why DOES a girl have to be labeled as a **** if she had more than a few sex partners when guys get credited as studs??? We all know how wrong that is! It’s a social taboo that exists at least in part; because sexuality is hidden or kept behind closed doors.. That is just as wrong as your genitals needing to be “private” and we all agree among us nudists and naturists that treating genitals as if they should be “private” - produces bad results. Sex positivity and nudism in my opinion go better hand in hand. All it takes is educating and being and setting a good example... The same thing pure nudists do with their awesome take on nudity.
Promoting that nudity must be kept as far from sexuality as the east is to the west does not always win over the public.. I believe that many would stop seeing nudists as hypocrites if we stopped ignoring human sexuality just because we’re naked. It’s hypocritical in my mind to treat nudism like we don’t have anything to hide and then turn around and treat sexuality like it IS something to hide. They’re both natural and both should be expressed hand in hand, thoughtfully, yet hand in hand. JUST MY OPINION BUT
I can say all of this because I know sexuality can be beautiful spiritually.
No one should feel uncomfortable to be in a nudist environment with open nudity. No one WOULD feel uncomfortable because you WOULD not be approached by swinger after swinger... and you would embrace sexuality THAT'S THE POINT!!! And that doesn't mean you do any more or any less sexual acts, you would just be more likely to smile at the beauty of it if you saw it occur rather than get all up in arms over it or worry about getting kicked out of a place because it's not allowed...
Consider me: In the past, I would have approached my temptations by going to nudist venues with the idea in the back of my head that I would search and poke and chase in a selfish pursuit for pleasure when it presented itself as possible. But now instead I will never go there and poke... I no longer want to go to a place an push the issue because I know now there is a time and a place for it. I'm not selfish sexually anymore. I want to give pleasure not receive it AND only if it seeks me because THAT is sex positive - it's getting moral compass to make sure you direct your sexual energy in a positive way... Conversely not regarding your sexual energy, you end up not very good at directing it whatsoever.. It just kind of tends to go where it will (good or bad), Even more dangerous if it's suppressed. It should be expressed.....
And even if I’m wrong on everything, there are different nudists resorts and I’m very thankful for the variety there is to offer. If I just wanted to go and have a relaxing nude weekend I would go to #$(&*^#&* in *&#$^#&. If I wanna party at a place that might be sexually charged I go to #(*$&(#*&# (*#$Y. It’s your choice on where to go and you know the atmosphere at each place. It totally is their right to create the atmosphere they want at their own resort.
My take on this is enhanced by actually being to an event that was sex positive and allowed open sexuality. I have seen resorts with tight rules, and resorts with loose rules AND I have seen a place where both nudity and sexuality was openly permitted. It is honestly true that girls said they felt the LEAST threatened and bothered by unwelcome advances at the place where open sexuality was allowed. There was no magic or dirty taboo about sex. It was a beautiful thing and you could express it however you wanted. There was such a diversity of people there, some swingers, some voyeurs, some exhibitionists, some nude some clothed some there to party sexually some there to just enjoy the people.
You see, WHAT the open sexuality did to eradicate hostility there - IS THE SAME THING OPEN NUDITY DOES FOR removing the taboo that genitals are private and dirty.. You feel freedom from the prudishness of our society, you learn to accept your body, you learn to not judge others by what they look like etc… The same goes for the sexuality. At a place where it’s open you learn sex can be positive and beautiful. That it doesn’t have to be shameful or hidden, that we can learn things like respect and even appreciation for the plethora of methods of sexual expression…
It’s all kind of like stealing. If you were a kid and oreos were kept on top of the fridge by your parents so you couldn’t reach them, and you got that urge to have one, and your urge was fueled by the forbidden fruit syndrome, and you knew it was wrong but didn’t care. Heck you may have even got a thrill knowing you could be caught and you did something wrong… Well what if the oreos were just kept in the cupboard where you could reach them and they weren’t forbidden but you were taught the pros and cons of eating them, how you should eat them and why (in moderation so you don’t ingest too many calories etc….). WOULDN’T THAT BE A BETTER APPROACH???
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Aug 21, 2014