" Not Affected"

i have been a victim of sexual  abuse since i can remember.  i now have 3 kids- even a grand child ( all of whom i love and support) .  im in my 3rd marriage and I cant tolerate any flirting of my husband- any "friendly' social contact is either jealous ridden or i find disgusting- especially if it involves a young teen girl- my most horrible experiences were as a young teen- but am i looking for perverts everywhere or are they really there??  













































lalalott lalalott
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

I was abused as a child by a step brother - I find it hard to trust anyone even my husbands brothers and father. Sad but true. I know what you mean about thinking anyone could be a pervert. My pervert was also very cruel to me and other children and animals but was clever enough not to get caught. So I keep vigilant with my child - just in case!

Maybe not a lot out there, but we perceive what we want to perceive. Now there are a lot of mean people out there, and that is easy to spot and sometimes easy to avoid, unless it is family or work. I would rather be around ten perverts that were nice and didn't like to hurt others than be around one mean person that enjoyed inflicting pain.