To Feel Loved Again....

They meet at the pub, when there eyes meet it was lust at first sight. Her pretty eyes flickered from the lights above. Her smile said it all. She looked at him and knew he was the one. They talk and laughed together, getting to know each other! He could tell she was nervous, he put his hand on her knee!! She just smiled, lovin the feeling of his touch!! They had a few drinks and decided to go to his place where it was more quit and comfortable....
When they got to his place he turned on the fire, then some nice soft music to make her more relaxed! They sat and talked, sipping on a glass of wine. He looked into her eyes, leaned over and gave here a kiss! The electricy flowed between them!!
He kissed her again, there lips parted and there tongues danced with each other... He start to rub her body! It had been a long time since she had felt a touch of a man! She start to moan, loving the soft touch on her body!

He layed a blanket in front of the fire place, layed her down and start to touch in the places she craved so much! They kissed and slowly undress each other! Her body was so sexy, he couldn't believe his eyes! Curves in all the right places! They kissed again and caressed each other!
He ran his hands down her body!! She was so turned on by her new lover! She loved his soft touch! He ran his finger between her legs up to the sweet spot! She was moaning all ready to his touch! His finger run across her ****! She shuddered! He kissed his way down her body!! His tongue teasing her nipples, sucking them... She was on fire!! Down to her belly button!!! Then down between her legs! God. She said its been so long since anyone has done that! His tongue found her sweet spot, she tensed up and grabbed the sheets as her first ****** ripped through her body! She was breathing hard... Moaning wanting more!! She pulled him up her body... She could feel his big **** running across her ****! She grabbed his **** and put it at the entrance of her *****! She was so wet and on fire, he slipped right in deep! She could feel him stretch her open, he went deeper and deeper... He could feel the heat inside her.. So hot... Wow he loved the feel of her tight ***** grabbing his ****. He started to slide in and out !! Driving so deep, hitting her G spot.. She could feel he body tense up.. Her toes curl... Her body went flush ... She was breathing harder now... Then it happen she grabbed him and pulled him in deep. Locking her legs around him, shaking and ******* together!! She could feel the release of his big load.. Deep inside her... She was in heaven!!! The feeling to be loved again!

They cuddled and kissed! He ran his finger all over her body! She loved his touch, want to feel him inside her again!! They made love for hours! She was so happy to feel like someone love her again as she missed the touch of a man! She couldn't wait until she could feel his warm body next to her gain...........
travelingman77 travelingman77
61-65, M
Dec 3, 2012