Sexually Abused

right now im 14 years old and i get sexually abused from my dad.
not only do i get sexually abused.
but my mother abuses me, when ever i cut myself, they dont notice but when they do they laugh and think they did it. i never told anyone this because im scared. and i never get any help. my father always hits me and trys to rape. every night i cry myself to sleep, theres not a day that goes by that i didnt:(
i have nightmares every single night that i when im sleeping my mother will come choke me when im sleeping or my father will do the same but then rape me and kill me after.
i know i should tell someone but whats the point?
my little sister hurts me and tells me that im fat and blames everything on me.
shes 6 years old right now and shes the reason this has been happening. ever since she was born i was getting hurt and sexually abused.
my brothers dont even care about me they are barely in the house.
and i stay home with my little sister, i raised her, but when i couldnt and had to go to school, my grandmother would take care of her, she was crazy i think thats where all the crazyiness came from. her. but i still want to get out of here. i always wish i could. but it never happens.
i was trying to commit suicide a couple of months ago. until i heard of this band....called one direction. they make me feel beautiful, and i always wanted to meet them, but of course i cant my parents will get in the way....and the only reason im alive is because of them. so basically they saved my life. they are my heros. <3
panizryasati12 panizryasati12
18-21, F
Sep 13, 2012