Why Me

I was 5 when I was first abused he didn't wait he just pinned me down and raped me on my mums sofa blood everywhere he lied to my mum and sed I had a nose bleed! After that every time mum was working late her boyfriend would baby sit and sexually abuse me for the next 4 years I couldn't speak up he threatened my family! I young I had no idea what to do because of this man I now suffer terrible nightmares and now scared of the dark! He tried kidnapping me when my mum ended things with him she still didn't know what he had done but I didn't want her to know and then at 17 while speaking to a counsiler it all came out 12 years after the attack it was taken to the police I did a video state meant he was arrested and denied everything no shock there unfortunately they couldn't do anymore there wasn't enough evidence so he was let free I now suffer just as much as before I can hardly sleep I wake my son up when I'm screaming in my nightmares I won't go out in the dark and I never go anywhere alone I'm to scared all coz he couldn't keep his hands to himself I now live a life of constant fear to be honest I hope he dies painfully!!
KozzyLeigh KozzyLeigh
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012