Sexually Frustrated!

I'm in high school and a female. I have been questioning my sexuality for more than a year. It all started when I feel in love with a girl last year. I had always liked boys when I was younger and I always assumed I was straight because I fantasized about them. But this girl gave me butterflies and I fantasized about her. The thing she was one of my good friends and we got along well. So I decided to tell her. When I did she was surprised but she said she didn't like me like that but she still wants to be my friend. But when we got back to school it wasn't the same she hardly talks to me. I told a few friends about this but mainly I was discouraged by the whole experience. So then I got desperate and I hooked up with my ex (it's a he) because he's the only guy I've really really liked. We had sex, my 1st time. It was great but he didn't want a relationship with me so I'm now left lonely and brokenhearted. I don't feel it's worth it to tell my friends I'm probly bi because I've had no experiences with girls but I dont think i could have sex with a girl but i want to kiss them. i am constantly confused and questioning myself. I'm not sure of anything. Any advice?
Skippedheartbeat Skippedheartbeat
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013