Secret Infatuation....

Do you have one and would you want one. If you are happily married just needing those butterflies in your stomach. Would you want to be infatuated with someone you can't have?
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7 Responses Dec 16, 2012

No,, Its all or nothing,, plus if it's infatuation,, get over it !

I am right now with someone, and she is with me... we've been this way for 10 years. Can't have each other, kills us both.

Yes I think we probably all have one. I fell in love with this Lady after being friends for years. Had to make a decision whether to leave my wife and family for her. Took one look at my kids and made the right choice. Still love her but we have remained friends and yes occasionally get together for the occasional day. Great times but always leaves me a bit sad.

I would love to chat more one on one about this, Interesting question.

I have someone that I'm infatuated with. Every time I'm around her I fight to keep my hands off her or leaning in to kiss her.

I am infatuated though she knows. It is secret from the rest of my life (as is EP), but we hope to meet soon...

I am