Falling Like Snow

I walked into a snowy white clearing; not as white as my fur. I let the cool surround me and settled down among the snow. When I opened my eyes, the white was no longer there.........I swished my tail frantically and ran full speed away from the darkness. Pain, sadness, despair, longing, that was what I felt from the crashing wave of shadow. Underneath the blanket of darkness, pure evil and hatred lay. I pushed myself on, realizing that a gorge had risen before me. I stopped not wanting to fall over the edge. The dark fell over my head and with one last look, I jumped over the gorge. Mist consumed me and suddenly, I was swung up by a mighty force. I looked to the sides and saw great wings spread about me, letting me fly with all the strength of my pack.
sarigala sarigala
13-15, F
Jan 14, 2013