Not My Proudest Moment Pt 1 (the Early Years)

I had been invited, strangely enough by mates mother to join them on vacation as they had a trailer by the coast back in the late 70s.
Til then all vacations were with family including extended. So being the oldest grand child & the only male for 10 years, all previous vacations were spent fighting constantly with mad amount of Sisters & other female relatives.
So this invitation was like manna from above, I had 3 boys my age who played soccer, 3 boys who robbed grocery stores & 3 who smoked cigarettes, whenever we could find them.
So as I'm laying in bed the mother had laid between me & my mate. It was a small trailer, so this wasn't unusual & besides we were telling Ghost stories.
It was always a lift having a good chat with an Adult, who engaged in conversation & respected my points of view.
The following nite we found ourselves in the same bed & re-starting the conversation from the previous night.
By 11pm only she & I were awake. I felt honored at being awake the latest through out the land for a boy my age.
So She snuggled up to me, I told myself it was because I was the oldest boy about, so in essence the buck stopped with me should we need protection from any invading force that would attack Ireland that night. So it was my responsibility to keep all safe.
When she asked did I love her, my initial feeling was WTF, but maybe its the same as my Aunt or Gran asking the same question. Eitherway it was one of those annoying question I got plagued with.
When I said yeah, she met my lips square on & started kissing me. Then she inserted her tongue & that tripped me out. Why would someone put their tongue in another's mouth. We'd been told forever not to pick gum off the sidewalk for fear of catch germs. But she kept kissing me & occasionally sticking her tongue inside me. I felt I could overlook this reaction as kissing felt good.
She wrapped her arms around me & asked could she slide them inside my pj bottoms. Assuming this was inspection time or something they did in other homes, I said ok, but dreaded the idea of her examining me to make sure I bathed properly. But she stroked my ***, assuming something needed to be rubbed off. But she was a nurse & nurses were Ireland's most intelligent women.
With one swift move she was cupping my **** & balls. I was told to wash under my foreskin as some nasty germs got there to & may result in boys ***** falling off, like leporasy. I was asked if I was ok, Good God I am about to be told I've the clap & will be known as 'no bollox john' She asked again, was I sure. I knew I was gonna be rushed to hospital by morning, so I accepted my fate & let her touch me. I started getting very erect.The pain was like a migraine in the head of my ****. But she kept rubbing it knowing I needed this before having it taken off the next day.
When she asked me to follow her into the master bedroom, I knew it was the only place we could put lights on & take a good look. She moaned 'Oh Jon you have such a big penis' & said 'I love you' Before putting her tongue in my mouth again. The lights were turned on & as she examined my **** very closely, She took it into her mouth. I was shocked, Good God whats she doing that for. She's not gonna suck the poison out with her own mouth? At this I had to say something, I said what would you do if I accidently pee'd in your mouth? To which she quipped, Lord God Jon, you'd take the romance out of anything. Now I was confused, sure wasn't romance between lovers? It then occured to me, we were actually having sex, Me 13 is having sex!!
She invited Me to have a look at her *****. I thought heck why not. So the appearance of a ginger mound & the wizards sleeve looking skin hanging there disappointed me. She asked me to insert my fingers, I had heard from Tony, 2 yrs my senior & he knew everything about sex & other womens things. Well Tony had told me, once a man puts his penis inside a womans *****, ut clamps very tight & they remain stuck together for 15 minutes.
So the idea of having my hand devoured for 15 minutes frightened me. I declined her offer. Besides I didn't want my soon to be crushed hand, stinking of **** !!!
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