Watching And Shairing My Wifes Sex

New years of 2011 the wife and myself thought we would just stay at home and not go to any parties.Then at about 7 pm we wanted to party,so I asked if she wanted to go to the Hilton Motel and get a room,have some drinks and not have to drive home.She agreed and off we went.After renting a room with a hot tub,we heard a band playing down in the hotels bar and thought we would walk down and have a drink.The place was full and we were lucky to find a set at the bar.We ordered drinks and started talking with a guy that was siting next to my wife.After a lot of drinks and a few shots,I asked the wife if she wanted to go up to the room to smoke a bowl.She asked if we should see if our new found friend wanted to smoke too.He said he would love to,so the three of us walked up to the room and smoked and I made new drinks.My wife gets horny and starts getting touchy and flirts a lot when she drinks.Some thing was said about getting in the hot tub and I was the first to take off all my close and get in.She started taking heir's off and Tom,your new friend keep saying how pretty he thought my wife is.She is a looker at 5'7' 120 lbs blue eyes Br hair with the *** that I've never seen a nicer one.small **** with nips that are lone when hard.She was in the tub with we and rubbing my **** and making me hard.We asked if he was getting in and said sure.taking off his shirt and paints and pulling off his boxers,my wife took a chock hold on my **** and said some thing like OH my god! His **** was twice as big as mine when I am hard and he was soft.He got in and I asked if she wanted to play with his **** too and she did.We made her *** so many times that nite we lost count.It was the hottest thing I ever seen,his big **** inside my wife's ***** and the look she had on her face as he ****** her.
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Wow, that was some evening.

Oh yes,Its something that can't be put into words.

It's the look on her face as his bigger **** goes in that gets me.