Children Shall

Observing the basis of the environment which my community has established,there are only sub-sect levels of communication.This means that when one engages in a conversation,it is only within a group of others that hold a common identity(a gang,if you will).No one ever begins a truly meaningful discussion that surpasses the simple acknowledgement of greeting and leaving.How come?Perhaps the fear of social rejection,the lack of confidence in their ideas,excessive mental sheltering.Of course,these aren't the sole reasons for not conversing with others;there is a mass array of explanations that uphold the same set-behavior.The assumed orthodox of silence in the presence of others will accumulate as time perpetually persists.

Certainly,many feel at ease when communicating using this manner of media I am using at this moment.Yet,there is an essense which this way is deprivated of.That essense is the abstract emotion felt when speaking to someone face-to-face.Despite still susceptible,this personal contact is the most legitimate practice, for it provides the minimal amount of shrouding to either side.

Surprisingly,I've discovered that the people I've spoken to on the occasion of bravery are more interesting than I thought.Through at least attempting to speak to others,it has confirmed that not EVERYONE is a mindless slave,a postulate created by my pessimistic mentality.

What a simple goal,one might say......However,this mind bears it's own logic that supressed this action from being easily executed.More or less self-destructive,the present is now pregnant with the future.Bless Her soul,for as very many others(including women),I am the father.





Kurainia Kurainia
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 20, 2010

I do realize that this site is a potential haven for those who are not in futile mentality;I was referring to flesh encounters with the beings.It is all but in person when I am able to communicate with others sharing similar perspectives.<br />
I do appreciate the feedback,however.Thank you.