Reminds Me of Al Dente

I had to join the group because it reminded me of my dear friend, al dente.  I hope it joins the pasta church.

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It worked when I used it earlier. Are you the queen of spaghetti?

LOL thanks Lacey

LOL Lilt, i was just telling my brother that the one thing I most look forward to now that we are talking again is seeing my niece eat passghetti in her high chair for the first time. He has promised that it will be when i am invited to dinner so I may video it. <br />
<br />
Awesome Al, I have missed you in service this week. i am glad you came up with the money to become the altar boy too lol.

Hey Girl, have you ever really witnessed a kid in a high chair eating "passgetti?" It takes their entire fist and hand to get the one strand into their mouth. Sooooo cute.<br />
<br />
AlDente is even cuter :O

Please darling.

Should we send out Pastafarian Missionaries to find him? I know some that will gladly witness to him, in the hopes that he joins...