I Shall Find a Better Logo!

I shall be proud of this experience, and shall find a really meaningful song to match the title!

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10 Responses Feb 18, 2009

@ laurie: thanks<br />
<br />
@ the red lady: Thanks , how are your doing?

You come up with some really good Experiences LV. Think I'll join. I shall! LOL

@ KC Tiger: I guess I am not as good with logos, but I'll try to find a better one for it, thanks

I also like looking for logo's and I thought your logo was cute but wimpy, you need one that says I'm strong, I'm sexy and I'm here!

I always do that, and sometimes I come up with an irrelevant one, like this logo!

Personally, I like seaching for logo's and adding them to the groups I create.

Thanks I would love to read that

No...not dumb at all. And I am going to share my story, too. :)

This same experience, "I Shall", I couldn't think, I guess I was a bit tired when writing this story. It really sounds stupid now that I see it in daylight!!!<br />
<br />
Sorry about that!

Which experience are you talking about? and what logo?