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I have been wearing a corset or waist cincher every day for the past three weeks in hopes off molding my body to a more feminine shape. So far I am very pleased with the results. My waist is now 29 inches and I wear a size 9. I bought a pair of size 8 skinny jeans and can barely squeeze into them, but want to lose about ten pounds so the fit better. I just love the way they make by *** look so good. A smaller waist will make my hips look wider. Another result of the corset espcially, it pushes all the loose flesh on my shest up into the bra cups and I now proudly sport some very small breasts.
I will continue to wear my body shapers and will keep informed.
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Oh yes, I love it

You will look and feel so good and sexy then

I certainly hope so. I have waited all my life to be a woman and I will be one day. As for right now, I am content to live as one

Poor baby, you gotta grow some breasts now

I hope to be on hormones soon and will have real breasts in a year

That sounds very sexy. Do your breasts bounce and jiggle? What cup size do you fill? I bet you have a lovely figure

I am not on hormones yet so I have no real breasts. My breast forms though do fill out my 38D bra

I wear a panty girdle 24/7 I stared because I have an iliostomy (I poop into a bag) I went through many years of suffering with bowel problems. I love the way that they shape my body...control my "tuck" and apply pressure in all of the right places.

Yes, I love wearing girdles too, giggle

It is vey good you have found a way to deal with your proble