My Wife Is My Ep Freind

I disavow this story. What an evil b1tch she turned out to be.

My true second half is DearRhoni. Baby, I love you and will make any change I have to support my vow to you, You are first in my life. Ok I am such a dork I feel like a Klingon here, hence the Q on the board. So for a different perspective on many things. Befriend her. But remember I said she was like living with a tiger, she will destroy you better then I could. Approach at your own peril.
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7 Responses May 25, 2012

I love this! and it is what made me to add you!!!

My Guy & I share a profile. It's fun!!!

Sounds like you're trying to warn somebody! :)

This is good. I share EP with my wife too. WildSpectrumArts. It is good to see couples on EP together. Blessings to you and your wife.

that is awesome my friend. how i wish my man would come here as well.

You're such a good rare! Both of you are very lucky to have one another :}

What the fukk ! Normal person on EP ! That's rare.

If I am normal there are some really out there people.

trust Maj.Maj knows