Now I Do

There are rules in our house, and I rule.  Queen Myonis set the terms of sharing EP and ballznbattz is happy to comply.  If you read his first story here, you'll get a good idea of who Mr. My (ballznbattz to you) is.

I've been sharing my stories all along and I figured this was a whole lot easier than shoving my computer in his lap to read the latest greatest story or superblog.  He knows about all my friends, so he has quite a head start.  I hope you welcome him with open arms, obnoxious gestures, and lots of fun!

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12 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I mess with le0n all the time. That's why he's such a mess.

Um, yes. We have an understanding. Ballznbattz is my husband which grants him the throne, and Chamele0n is 1st friend. It probably wouldn't make much difference to either one of them because they're guys. =)

That's how it starts! Mr. My, er, ballznbattz, probably figured if he had to share our bed with someone, he might as well enjoy the experience.

it depends on how you look at it. i didnt used to but hes laying on the bed watching me now

He just joined last night! He's busy so I don't know how much time he'll spend, but I know he wants to submit some stories that are already in his head.

No problem.....if you see us around, pop in and say hi!<br />
<br />
I like your story! Especially the part about how there are rules in your house, and You rule!! Ha ha <br />
Rock on Myonis108!!

le0n, he's on to you. He's on to me, too, and has been since 7th grade! Change? pffft... silliness!<br />
Hi, PdD! I'm sure your hubby heard the throes of withdrawal when your computer went down. It's important to share this stuff.<br />
WM, I didn't know that! I see you guys around, but I'm slow sometimes. And thank you.

Mine does too! By the way Markismyheart! My hubby said you are beautiful! :)<br />
I have to agree!

My hubby is aware of my time on EP and he knows about my EP friends. Why hide it....It is who I am.

Have you looked? :) Nothing changes, dear. I am of course first in his, though!

He's still wearing it with a big sh*t grin on his face!

Indeed. I've already started flirting with him. I can only hope he thinks wedgies are sexy.