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More like, I share expereince project with my fiance, but you get the jist. I was on EP, long before him, and if things with him and i ever, not work out, i will be on ep, long after him. Ep is a Big part of me, and it is also a big part of my fiance, he uses Ep too. he is in my top circle, as I am in his. We share everything with each other. He came to ep, to spy on me when we were 1st dating, because he didn't believe i was fully over, lucifer, but than he learned that i was, and ever since than, we have shared ep with each other.

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Just joined and sounds great, will get my husband to join in too.

I'm comfy being on EP here myself but not sure I want to ask my bf to join in. he might read stuff he won't want to hear about me!

That's kinda creepy that he came to spy on you cause he didn't trust you. Anyway, I'm glad you are able to share ep!

Aly, I am glad you can share EP with him. I share EP with my guy too. I have never really tried to keep EP a secret from my boyfriends and have brought a few of my guy friends here over the years. I love having him here with me. If he were to leave EP at this point I am not sure I would be on as often.