I Have Raised Many Wild Animls Looking For A Baby Raccoon

I have raised raccoons several well over 50 and they have all went back to the wild. I have raised  skunks and  ringtailed cats also. But raccoons are my favorite by far we no have a skunk tha sleeps under our bed someone had him descended and then they did not want him so he could not be released into the wild so we took him in He is cool. But I have moved away from the company that would bring me babies that needed mothering and I want to get a raccoon to keep as a pet . I had one that I raised stay for three years  they can be tammed and listen well if you get them early on. I am looking for a baby raccoon in my area.





Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read my post if anyone needs any advise on wild animal care let me know

Wishing you all well

curendo4life curendo4life
26-30, F
Feb 7, 2010