Ramadan Mubarak To All My Brothers And Sisters In Islam

salam alaikum warah matul lahi wabar katuhu:
may peace and blessings of Allah subhana wa ta'lah be upon all of you.

Ramdan is very very near .. inshaAllah this month will bring and make me follow Islam more fundamentally..

May Allah swt make this month blessing for everyone

take care all

will share stories of my fast

your brother
amman amman
31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

ameeeeeen... may Allah help us in soooo hard time having in pakistan....may Allah forgive our sins and guide us to follow islam truely

On this ramadan, May Allah make all our muslim brothers and sisters unite , make us all truly follow our Islam commandments ,we all lead our life according to our HOLY PROPHET( PBUH), May Allah we all read and understand our Islam through reading our HOLY BOOK, make us morally upright without guilt or sin . May Allah clean our heart from hatred , jealousy , backbiting ,animosity , hostility , greed & deceitfulness. May Allah show all our muslims the righteous path & salvage us all from Hell Fire.............Ameen.