Would She Do It

I have tried to set up situations to have my wife hit on. a couple times i have responded to craigslist ads hoping to find a willing person that would play along with trying to seduce her. I havnt found anyone willing to actually take a chance on the "pickup". Its hard to set this up, the person would have to go along with the possability of going home alone and not spill the beans as that would cause lots of problems. But giving the oppertunity of a younger guy hitting on her would she go for it and if she did just how hot it would be...
mark3061 mark3061
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Hi Mark I think it could go well and would be hot for you,your wife,and the man involved,every woman loves to feel attractive and sexy to another man ,especially if she hasnt been with someone else in years. Ben

Trust me if she gets attention from a younger man she will enjoy it. At first she might think it's cute and just fun, but if she acts like my wife did after the last hit on her by a much younger guy, she wants to go back to the club again and find him or someone similar to have more fun. The attention makes them feel years younger, attractive, and sexy. However, don't count on her acting on things or having any intimate actions just yet, she'll feel guilty. Give her time. Good luck.