Wife Loves to Hear the Reactions Sharing Her Pics Gets.

I have a fantasy about seeing my wife with a couple. She is a closet bi (loves to see nude women) but has never gone thru with it .. except a few kisses here and there while drunk. She loves to see what her pics do to men..and what it makes women to to their men.... and I get to be the lucky man to be in the middle of it all :)

Jimmiller2000 Jimmiller2000
5 Responses Feb 8, 2009

I would love to view and comment on your pics. Please add me.

I would love to send her details of what I would love to do to her...love the photos on your EP profile...very hot!<br />

i want to give ur wife some comments to react to add meeeeee

I'd love to tell you aswell revelation0624@msn.com

I would be happy to give your wife some reactions! Mind adding me to your friends?