The Second Share

well as i said in the last story my wife had been interrsted in my buddy hoss so we set it up for him to comeover to play some xbox and when he did the mrs went to the bedroom to get ready . we play some games for thirty minutes or so. she asked me to come in the room i did and man ill tell you WOW she was amazing looking (not that she isnt anyway) .i asked him to come in the room , cuz i wanted him to check something out , he walked in and his face was priceless , he was like whats goin on ,what do you think . she was wearing the thong from her pics in our albums the ones with the opening in front and a corset. and began to eat her while he played with her **** then we swapped she was sucking me while he was eating her . i started to **** her as she sucked him we switched it up throughout the hours they showered together she jacked him a bit .they got out we ****** her somemore till i came , he seemed to have some issues and said it was just nerves but i think he came in her and just didnt want to admite it ,i dont know what do you think.? sorry its so short but this happened a couple months ago and i dont remimber every detail anymore, next one will be better and maybe will have pics .
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4 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Poor old Hoss..didnt know if he came in her..must have been she knew

oh man! why didn'y you take a video or some pictures of that fine experience. It would be the best **** movie you'll ever have!

I play xbox! lol

Lucky guy! I would have left my load somewhere she'd see it. Her mouth, *******, etc.