Scene #57: All Night In The Next Room in bed with him

The original plan was for one of my friends and me to take my wife out, get a motel room (told his wife he and I were going motorcycle riding and camping) and spend the night taking turns with her. That's not how it went.

His family lived quite some miles away so he wanted to visit his parents a while. At that time we met his brother, a well built man about 6 feet 2 and single. He invited us to see the new house he had just built. While there my friend told me his brother had noticed he seemed more familiar with my wife than a man would normally be with a married woman, especially with her husband around. The next question was, "are you fuucking her?" He told his brother the whole story and that he had fuucked her several times. His brother wanted us to stay there that night if he could get in on the fuucking too.

It was getting late in the day, nearing sun down. We were outside getting ready to go. I told my wife what his brother had said and if she was interested, do what she wants. In a little while his brother went in the house for something, my wife told us to "wait out here" and she went inside too.

I don't know how long it was, but she finally called out for us to come in. They were standing in his living-room kissing with her in his arms completely naked, her clothes strewn on the floor around her. She had stood right in front of him and took off every bit of her clothes. She looked over at us and said, "I've decided what I want to do tonight." Then they went into his bed-room and he closed the door.

I love to see her like that, watch her a*s and that crack between her legs. Knowing she is going to spread her legs for him and give him her pus*y.

First the familiar sound of a man taking off his clothes, shoes hitting the floor and so on. Then the sound of weight going down on the bed. The sound of him mounting her and her yelping, "oh no" over and over which changed to, "oh fuuck" over and over like she does when a big diick is being shoved up her pu*sy. Then the bouncing on the bed with her screaming "fuuck me" over and over as he fuucks her. It sounded like they changed positions a couple of times.

My friend told me his brother would have her pu*sy stretched out so big she won't even feel our diicks tonight. As it turned out, we didn't even get to try.

He came out wearing his pants and T-shirt, she was laying in his bed with c*m running out of her pu*sy. She asked me to get her panties for her. That was so the c*m wouldn't run down her legs. She came out and walked around in front of us in nothing but her bikini panties.

Some other men showed up and my friend and his brother went outside to meet them. By now it was dark outside. She was walking around in the lighted house, into the kitchen and back into the living-room. She couldn't see them but she knew the men outside could see her through the window. The next day she told me she had been trying to build up the nerve to go out on the porch like that. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had walked outside nearly nude as she was. They were looking at her anyway. The two guys came back in and his brother went straight to my wife, took her in his arms and kissed her. The other men were probably still outside watching through the window. He felt her t*ts and they started toward the bed-room again. She stopped and took off her panties. I know she did that to put on a show for the men outside. She dropped her panties on the floor in front of me, the crotch soaked with his c*m. That was done to tease me. For the second time that evening I watched my wife walk naked into his bed-room and he closed the door.

The sound of water running, they're in the shower together certainly washing each-other. If I know her, she got down and sucked him too.

My friend went to the other bed-room, I took the couch. I heard them when they came out of the shower and went to bed. I heard him mount her and put his diick in her again. I visualized her on her back with her legs spread for him, giving him her pu*sy. I laid there on the couch playing with myself, jerrking off my hard diick and listening while just on the other side of the wall he fuucked my wife repeatedly through the night. She was spending the night in bed with a man she had met only a few hours ago. I guess my friend had to service himself too.
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