Scene #59: My Wife Showing and Giving Her Pu*sy to a Stranger

This story goes back to the early days of her fuucking with other men. I had told one of my friends that my wife wanted to meet men with 7 inches or more. She had recently learned she liked big diicked men. She didn't want anyone fat but other than that she said, "bring me any man you like and you can watch while I let him fuuck me, as long as he's got a big hard diick and the bigger the better." The man I'm going to tell you about now was the 5th extramarital man she had.

My friend introduced me to this man. I called home to tell her we were coming. When we got there, he and I were standing in the living-room by the big chair talking and waiting for her to make her entrance. She came in wearing one of her very short "fuuck me" dresses and sat on the arm of the chair facing him with her back to me. Now remember, these two had never even seen each-other before that night. She started rubbing her bare foot on his ankle, then began to move up his leg. He started to look down then back at me. I thought he was just looking at her legs. She leaned back on the chair as her foot went higher until she was rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants. I looked down and her dress had ridden up so far that I could see her pubic hair. She wasn't wearing panties! She was showing her pu*sy to a strange man and playing with his diick right there in front of me. He said, "I can't take this any more." He took her by the hand, pulled her up and off toward the bed-room with the cuckold husband following.

In the bed-room he took off her dress, leaving her naked. He said he'd never seen a woman walk around naked before and asked her to do it for him. She walked away to let him watch her a*s. She turned to face him, stretched her arms up over her head, thrust her t*ts out and shook them. She walked over to the dresser, sat on the edge, leaned back and kicked her legs in the air spreading them to give him another look at her pu*sy.

While she was doing all that, I was getting out of my clothes as was he. I was standing there with my 5 inch hard on and his looked twice the size of mine. He wanted her to come over and suck his diick. She walked right over to him, dropped down and took it in her mouth. After sucking him a while, she looked up at him and said, "fuuck me." They went to the bed, she laid on her back, spread her legs and I watched him shove every inch of that big diick up my wife's pu*sy.

He really got extra turn on being the big diick stud taking a married woman in front of her little diick husband. She loved making me watch her being fuucked by such a big diick. He shot her full of his c*m, she sucked his diick some more and he fuucked her again before he left. She put on her bikini panties to keep the c*m from running down her legs and walked him to the door with her big t*ts on display for him to see and feel. She stood there in his arms nearly nude and telling him how good he was. He said he'd been told she was a good fuuck and good at sucking diick and that she certainly was everything he'd heard.

After he left, she teased me with, "how did you like seeing your wife naked with another man's diick in her mouth?" And, "how did you like seeing your wife being fuucked with a real man sized diick?" I had to have my turn fuucking her now. After she's had another man is my favorite time to fuuck her. She said she couldn't even feel me after having him inside her but she let me have his sloppy seconds anyway.
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Dec 15, 2012