Wife Is Busy Today

I got a txt earlier today from my wife. She was telling me she had a date with a guy she used to f***k. I got pretty excited because she hasn't had much time lately for fun. When she got home I asked her if I could lick her ***** and she let me. I could tell he had worn a condom because there was no *** in her *****. She said he indeed had worn one but he f**ked her really good. She let me lick her to ******, **** her and *** on her feet.
About an hour later she gets a txt from another of her guy friends. Hes out and wants to meet her. She tells me she getting a quick shower and is gonna go let him **** her. I asked if she was gonna let him *** in her and she said "well of course, dont i always?" I asked her what i could expect when she got back. She told me to be ready to clean her up as she didnt want to take another shower. Sure enough she had a huge load in her p****y and she let me lick and suck her til she came on my face. What a good day we've had.
cuckedbywifey cuckedbywifey
36-40, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Hot story.