Meeting Brian

A few months had gone by since our first ********* and she was wanting another. I let her search on a site for guy of her liking and she found one. He was kind of young like early 20's and she felt awkward because of his age but thought he was hot so we decided to meet.

We met one afternoon in a parking lot where we decided to go for a beer so we could get to know him. Well we went to a bar had a couple, talked, set up our next meet and headed out. We were parked right by each other in front of the bar.As we walked to the car I could see My wife admiring him kind of. I said you should give him a taste of whats to ***. She was like yeah right, I said no really give him a ****** in his car. He heard that and was like yeah come on. She had just enough to drink and said OK. We all got in them two in the back and me in the front. It took like two seconds for her to have his **** out and in her mouth. I sat there and watched her sucking on his **** just loving it. I was hoping it wouldn't stop there, and it didn't. I was tugging on her jeans which were soon off and he had her bent over the seat so you could see her ***** which was all wet already. So here we are sitting in front of a bar 4:00 in the afternoon. and they are naked in the back seat of this trailblazer. He started ******* her like crazy then he spun her head around and said suck your mans **** while I do you. So now she is taking care of both of us and he is just pounding the hell out of her *****. It didn't take long for him to bust a nut all in her, I was ready to *** to so  I turned her around and she kissed him while I came in her already soaking wet hole you should have seen the *** coming out of her. So nice for just wanting to meet this guy. I couldn't wait for the night we met and neither could they.

Couple4fun Couple4fun
Mar 16, 2009