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It was late, we were alone in Houston, and she wanted to dance.  Of course the extra wine at dinner, the martini’s afterward, and her upbeat mood meant she was in a dangerous mood.  So those that think this will end with her sucking and ******* another man, stop reading, it won’t.  But what did happen was a semi-adventure, the type I have experienced many time.

The lounge was crowded, only room at the bar.  We found a place and she was moving in place to the music as I order a round of drinks for us.  She was smiling, looking sexy and radiant, and of course sending out the “vibes” that she wanted to be asked to dance.  Once I got the drinks, I told her I needed to go to the mens room and left her at the bar.  I pretty much knew she’d be dancing with someone when I got back, but I had to pee.

Upon my return, our drinks were there and she was on the dance floor, this guy wasted no time.  They dance two or three fast songs then returned to the bar.  She was touching his arm, his hand was behind her head pulling  her ear to his mouth as he spoke, and it “was on” between them.  She  didn’t even acknowledge me.  He left for a minute to get his drink and she turned to me and said for me not to say anything to them.  Then she surprised me--- she handed me her wedding rings, turned back to look for him and as he approached her, she opened her arms and they embraced.  Then it was off to the dance floor again.

Since he didn’t know who I was, it was easy to observe.  The dance floor was crowded and they found a spot in the middle where other dancers blocked the view of them.  Although I couldn’t see it all, they were getting down, “dirty dancing” at its best.  She would rub  her *** against his groin,  he’d grab her hips as if he was ******* her, then they’d change positions, her squatting a bit, opening her legs slightly as an invitation, then backup smiling, arms around his neck and a quick kiss now and then.  Even though the song was fast,  his hands found his way all over her body.  And then a slow one came on.

There was no hesitation, she slipped into his arms, his lips found hers, and they began one of the longest kisses I  have ever seen.  And yes, tongues were involved.  Although my view was blocked, I could see his hand caressing her body, working its way down her back, down the crack of her *** and back up.  The other hand was captured between their chests were he was certainly “feeling” his way through the song.  Occasionally, she would rotate  her head backwards gasping for air, then return to his lips and he roamed all of her body with his hands.

Eventually the music became fast again and they decided to return for their drinks.  I was no longer at the bar and someone had taken or thrown their drinks so he bought them a round and guided her to a small table that had the semblance of privacy.  Of course they sat next to each other and between sips of their drinks, small chit chat, the kissing continued as did the roaming hands.  At one point it was obvious he had worked his hand between her legs, which were slightly  parted, and was enjoyed the softness of her very tight ****.  Her hand  worked its way into his lap where she caressed his **** thru his pants; she was discrete but there was no doubt she was stroking a hard ****.

And then, with perfect timing, the music stopped, the lights went up and the bartenders announced it was closing time.  By law, every one had to be out in 10 minutes; it was 2:00am. 

She went to the bar to get her purse the bartender was  holding, he went back to his original table and I met her at the bar to escort her out.  As we were leaving, it was crowded and she kept looking back for him.  As we were getting to our car, she saw him, waved blew him a kiss and he looked dumbfounded.  Poor guy, guess he thought I had moved in on his action.

Yes, she would have ****** and sucked him that night, but that’s against our rules.  I never let her make a decision to have sex with someone when she has had too much to drink.  We agreed on that long ago.  See, she is very selective and would feel bad about just ******* every guy that turns her head. 

So back to the hotel we went, where I undressed her and put her to bed.  She fell asleep as her head hit the pillow.  And of course the next morning was a late morning when she woke up naked and  pretty much hungover.  She looked at me and asked “I didn’t do anything last night that I am going to regret this morning did I?”  and my reply?  “Of course not dear”.

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Nice Good wife....

Great story too bad your rules get in the way of love I know you think you are just trying to protect her but I think maybe your jealous and don't really want her to enjoy herself.