New Padded Panties

I broke my leg a while ago, and during my recovery I've lost 20 pounds, much of it in my butt apparently, because I don't have much padding left for sitting on hard surfaces. With my wife's consent, I've bought some padded control panties, which I love. Tucking is easy with these! Here's a link to the picture:

I found that the first pair weren't heavily enough padded, so I ordered a pair from Feel Roxy.  They arrived today, and they do have more cushion. To my pleasant surprise, my wife wasn't upset by either the pink color or the lace trim on the legs (see below).  I'm a lucky guy!

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3 Responses Jul 22, 2012

I'm sorry to hear about your broken leg but youhave made the most of it with padded panties.... to go with your padded bra maybe? You are a lucky man to have such an understanding wife.

The bras came recently, with growth from testosterone suppressing drugs for my benign enlarge prostate. I'm now a b cup and loving it. My wife is o.k. with it.

Isn't it wonderful what no "T" will do. I'm now 38C firm so no need for a bra and still growing but have shrunk out of sight elsewhere so that all I have to show for it is a nice vulva to stroke while I hold my breasts and jill. Life is good, no performance worries and no mess to clean up.

Like! I bought from molded padded panties "pink panther" in black and I love it. Very good quality, love the prices, and the fast shipping! Now I have my eyes on their unique swimsuits :-)

Very sexy, thank you for sharing.