Not A Prayer, But A "how To

Jesus telling a boy how to pray throughout the day:   «The day is given to us by God.   The whole day:  the bright one and the dark one: day and night.   It is a gift to live and have light.   Our way of living is a means of sanctification.   Is that right?   So we must sanctify the moments of the whole day, to persevere in holiness and have the Most High and His bounty present in our hearts, and at the same time, keep the Demon away.   Watch the little birds.   They sing at sunrise.   They bless the light.   We must bless the light as well, because it is a gift of God, and we must bless God Who grants it to us and Who is the Light.   We must crave for God as from daybreak to put a seal, a note of light on the whole oncoming day, that it may be entirely bright and holy.   And we must join the whole creation in praising the Creator.   Then, as the hours go by, and going by they make us aware of how much sorrow and ignorance there is in the world, we must pray again that sorrow may be relieved and ignorance may vanish and God may be known, loved and prayed to by all men, who, if they knew God, would be comforted in their sufferings.   And at the sixth hour (of daylight) we must pray out of love for our family, to enjoy the gift of being united to those who love us.   That is also a gift of God.   And we must pray that our eating, instead of being useful, may not become an occasion of sin.   And at sunset we pray remembering that death is the inevitable end waiting for all of us.   And we must pray that our end, be it today or later, may take place with our souls in grace.   And when the lights are lit, we must pray to thank for the day which is over and to ask for protection and forgiveness, so that we may go to sleep without any fear of a sudden judgement or assaults of the demon.   And, finally, we must pray at night - but this applies only to adults - to make amends for the sins of the night, to keep Satan away from weak people, and that culprits may ponder, repent and make good resolutions which will become facts at sunrise.   That is how and why a just person prays during the whole day.»

This is from: "The Poem of the Man-God", section 290.  The story of Jesus' Life on earth as revealed to Maria Valtorta in 1945.  Most of this book can be read free online here -

The Bible should be received with genuine faith.  In addition, each individual is free to accept or reject these private revelations, even when they are not in contradiction with the Truth.  This book is very inspiring, however be wary of some of the website's private views.

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Apr 22, 2010