The Souls Here. They All Forgave Someone

When you come to heaven, you will understand everything.   Heaven is a joyful place, filled with happiness.   There is only love here.   I want to explain something to you about the souls here.   They all experienced some kind of pain when they lived on earth.   The experience of being in exile, in humanity, insures that some pain will be felt.   Suffering comes in so many ways that it would be tedious to list them.   But your suffering will not make you stand out here in heaven.   You will fit right in.   There is something else I should remark about the souls here.   They all forgave someone for something.   Often it is hardest to forgive injury committed against someone you love.   When your loved one is hurt, you can be in the same situation as the victim, only worse.   Often the victim will move past the pain and forgive, but loved ones continue to suffer.   This compounds the problem.   The darkness then spreads further.   One thing is for certain, my friends.   You will forgive before you come to heaven.   You would not want to be here and be angry because you would be uncomfortable.   I know that some are thinking that it will be impossible to forgive the wrongs that have been committed against them.   And you may be right.   For you to obtain this forgiveness alone is impossible.   But all is possible for Jesus.   He can do anything.   Ask Jesus to place this forgiveness in your heart so that you can be healed and move on to all that is good and holy.   Tell Jesus that you are afraid to ask for forgiveness.   Perhaps you really are not sure that you want this gift.   You see, if you hold on to your anger, you have a reason to be unhappy and that means you do not have to change.   Change can make people fearful.   But it is time to change now.

From: Climbing the Mountain, page.194  [by Anne, a lay apostle and Bill Quinn]  This account is an excerpt for brevity.  The full testimony is longer.  Anne, a mother of six, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world.

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46-50, M
May 25, 2010