Unity Of Believers #4 Thru #24

Jesus says:  "My children must unite without further delay.   There is only one Holy Spirit, truthful and infinitely wise.   Therefore there must not be different churches, one fighting the other.   Those who oppose My Church have united to bring about confusion and defeat My Church.   They use lies and false teaching to achieve this goal.   They are cunning and very convincing.   My children are listening to the wrong spirit and therefore they are scattered and defeated by their lack of unity in prayer, their ignorance of My Church's teaching and their lack of faith...  Slowly, you lend yourself to dreams and delusions, thinking they are coming from Me.   You are often puzzled and disillusioned because the words you hear are not coming from Me, your God.   Therefore they are empty.   In your uncertainty, you begin to question the validity of My words as recorded by My evangelists (the bible).   You develop meanings that serve your purpose.   When others disagree, you reject their views as simplistic and inaccurate...  These are strong words, you say.   Truthfully, I assure you, your decision will result in sadness and bitterness beyond your present ability to understand, because you have rejected Me...   Today, My Spirit calls you to unite in holiness with the ones I gave to you.   I say to you return to My table...  All those who have been broken in suffering on their own crosses by the cruelty and harshness of others, I make whole again.  Because in Me there is healing and consolation in abundance.

Excerpts of the 02/10/09 message from Alix Fils-Aime, PA. Alix has been receiving revelations from Our Lord and His Mother from the 1970's to this day.  The revelations primarily focus on a renewal of the faith, with an urgency to lead people back to God. [ourladyofallgraces.org]  The Bible must be received with genuine faith.  In addition, we are free to accept or reject these private revelations.

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
May 25, 2010