The Communion Of Saints

Jesus says:  "You fight your battles and finish your work on earth.   You come to heaven and join Us here.   But you still watch events on earth carefully.   Now let's assume that you have served Me well, because you will, My friend, so I will be indebted to you.   I will owe you for your loyalty.   From heaven you see a young soul on earth who is fighting to overcome a problem.   You say to yourself,  'Poor soul, I remember that struggle.  I know exactly what would help that soul.'   You come to Me and say,  'Jesus, please give me this grace for this soul who is struggling.  I know what would help him because I myself struggled that way.'   Because I owe you for your allegiance, and because you are My friend and I trust you, I grant your request.   I give you this grace.   Now maybe the soul you are watching is living in darkness, serving the world, and does not want My help or My love.   Maybe that soul is even working against the Kingdom of God.   This soul is rejecting Me.   But I look at you, My beloved apostle, and I cannot refuse you, so I grant the grace and the soul on earth is led toward the Light.   This, My dear young apostle, is how the Communion of Saints works.

From: Climbing the Mountain, page.259  [by Anne, a lay apostle and Bill Quinn]  Anne, a mother of six, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world. This book is about that.

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46-50, M
May 28, 2010