The Highest Love Among The Earth

Jesus says:  "Motherhood, when rightly understood, is a peak of love.   Warmer than the love uniting the children of a single cradle, chaster than the love joining the flesh of two:  maternal love, when just, is the complete, perfect, and highest love among the loves of the Earth.

But Mary was not just the creature loving the Child being formed in her...  Mary in her Child loved God, Who had come to her with His Will, with His Love, and with His Obedience, to become Flesh of her flesh.   She gazed at her inviolate womb and saw it as the ciborium of the living God.   She felt another heart beating and knew it was the Heart of a God made flesh.   By desire she anticipated the moment she would make her arms My altar for the first offering of the Host of forgiveness.   And she swore to herself that she would love Me as only she, without the weight of sin, could love Me to make amends in advance for what already brought tears to her eyes and made her heart bleed:  the tortures of My mission as Redeemer...

Either one believes, or one does not.   If you have God in you, you believe, for you feel God, beyond the veils of the flesh, living in a creature.   If you do not have God, no word can make you convinced of the fusion of God with a human heart.   It is faith that gives the capacity to believe, and it is the possession of God that gives the possibility of seeing God living in one of your fellows.   God's mystery, God's reasons cannot be explained with a human method.   Only by living humbly in the supernatural can you see - through the fissure opened by Goodness, for you - the spiritual relations and the enrapturing contacts between a soul and God...

Like sparks dancing in a fire...

Mary had the most holy Fire (Holy Spirit) in herself and was fire.   And the laws of life were almost annulled by this living with burning passion.   And the more the fire approached to turn into the newborn Flesh, the more they were annulled, so that in the blessed moment of My appearing in the world she sank into ecstasy, into the splendor of the Centor of Fire,  from which she emerged bearing in her arms the Flower of Love (Christ),  passing from the voices of the divine Flame to the angelic melodies,  from the blazing of the Trinity,  contemplated to the point of fusion,  to the vision of the angelic choirs descending to make the announcement to the Earth and the promise of Peace and to form a ring around the Queen Mother, the Mother of the King of kings,   and after having embraced God with her enraptured spirit, she embraced the Son of God, her Son, with her arms - which did not know the embrace of man.

From: Maria Valtorta the Notebooks 1943, revelations from Jesus to her, [Pisani/Murray, p.511]

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Jul 10, 2010