Man Is Given To Complicating Things

Jesus says:  "I did not come to deny the Law and the Prophets, but to confirm it and perfect it by modifying those inexact points and superstructures which man had introduced into it, partly out of his own imperfection and partly because of a humanity superior to the soul.

Man is inclined to understand poorly.   He is not perfect in his mystical senses or in his natural senses.   Only by living in Me does he perfect the former, for it is then I who live in him.   Man is also given to complicating things because, in his tenacious and indestructible pride, he is always attracted by the seduction of retouching even God's work.

You are gods as children of God.   But God is always the Greater One, the Perfect One, He who generates Himself from Himself.   You are the lesser ones, those who become perfect if you live in God and who are begotten by God.   Now, then, why do you always want to modify with your complications what God, in His Simplicity, which is one of the signs of His nature, gives as perfect in its simplicity?

When I became the Teacher, I found that the Law, so clear and straightforward in its origin, had turned into a tangle of impositions and a weight of formulas which made it impracticable for the faithful...

The priesthood, the scribes, and the Pharisees caused Me disgust and disdain...  And the Messiah went elsewhere, into the scorned region, where, however, an All-Holy Woman (Mary) and a Just Man (Joseph) deserved to receive and protect the Seed of God...

Once more I come to repeat the manner you must use to present sacrifices and prayers to God...  Judge according to truth, be merciful and compassionate towards your brothers and sisters, whoever they are;  do not oppress widows and orphans, poor foreigners, the humble and weak of the Earth;  do not harbor in your hearts thoughts of acrimony, vengeance, and evil works towards your neighbors.   In short, love, for love is the compendium of the Law, and whoever loves does all, and love is the incense which perfumes the hosts of propitiation and the lustral water which cleanses the stones of your altar.

From: Maria Valtorta the Notebooks 1943,  revelations from Jesus to her,  [Pisani/Murray, p.538]

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Jul 11, 2010