Before Being A Mother, Mary Is A Servant Of God

Jesus said:  «When I was a little Baby, many little children lost their lives on the very laps of their mothers.   And the world cried with horror.   But when Time exists no more for individuals or for all Mankind, for a first time and for a second time you will realise that those were fortunate, blessed in Israel, in the Israel of the times of Christ, who slaughtered in their infancy, were preserved from the biggest sin, that of being accomplices in the death of the Saviour.»   (And as Jesus said elsewhere - there is more behind Herod's atrocity against the Innocents than what is written here.)

«Jesus! »  shouts Maria Alphaeus springing to her feet, frightened, looking around as if she were afraid to see deicides appear from behind hedges and trunks of trees.   «Jesus! »  she repeats looking at him painfully.

Jesus asks:  «What?   Do you perhaps not know the Scriptures, since you are so surprised at what I say? »

Maria Alphaeus says:  «But... But... It is not possible... You must not allow that... Your Mother Mary...»

Jesus says:  «She is saviour like Me, and She knows.   Look at Her.   And imitate Her.»

Mother Mary is in fact austere, regal in Her deep pallor.   She is motionless, with Her hands in Her lap clasped as if in prayer, Her head straight, looking into space...

Maria Alphaeus looks at Her.  She then addresses Jesus again:  «All the same, You must not mention that horrible future!   You are piercing Her heart with a sword.»

Jesus says:  «That sword has been in Her heart for thirty-two years.»

Maria Alphaeus says:  «No!   It's not possible!   Mary... always so serene... Mary...»

Jesus says:  «Ask Her, if you do not believe what I say.»

Maria Alphaeus says:  «I will ask Her!   Is it true, Mary?   You know?...»

And Mary in a gentle but firm voice says:  «It is true.   He was forty days old and I was told by a holy man (Simeon)...  But also previously...   Oh!   When the Angel told Me that while remaining the Virgin I would conceive a Son, Who would be called the Son of God and is such because of His divine conception, when I was told that, and that in the barren womb of Elizabeth a fruit had been formed by a miracle of the Eternal Father, I had no difficulty in remembering the words of Isaiah:  "The Virgin will give birth to a son and they will call Him the Immanuel"…   All, all Isaiah!   And where he speaks of the Precursor...  And where he speaks of the Man of sorrows, stained with blood, unrecognizable... a leper... for our sins...   The sword has been in My heart since then and everything has served to drive it in more deeply: the song of the angels and the words of Simeon and the visit of the Kings from the East, and everything...»

Maria Alphaeus says:  «But which other everything, Mary?   Jesus is triumphing, Jesus works miracles, Jesus is followed by larger and larger crowds...  Is that not the truth? »

And Mary, always in the same posture replies to each question:  «Yes...»  without anguish, without joy, only a quiet assent, because it is so...

Maria Alphaeus says:  «Well then?   Which other everything is piercing Your heart with a sword? »

Mother Mary says:  «Oh!... Everything...»

Maria Alphaeus says:  «And You are so calm?   So serene?   Always the same as when You arrived here, a young bride, thirty-three years ago, and I remember it so well that it seems yesterday to me... But how can You?... I... I would be mad... I would do... I don't know what I would do... I... No!   It is not possible for a mother to know that and to be calm! »

Mary replies:  «Before being a Mother, I am a daughter and servant of God...  Where do I find My tranquillity?   In doing the will of God.   From where does My serenity come?   From doing that will.   If I had to do the will of a man, I might be upset, because a man, even the wisest, can always impose a wrong will.   But the will of God!   If He wanted Me to be the Mother of His Christ, have I perhaps to think that that is cruel, and in that thought lose My serenity?   Am I to be upset by the thought of what Redemption will be to Him and to Me, also to Me, and how I will be able to overcome that hour?   Oh! it will be dreadful...»     Mary gives an involuntary start, She suddenly shudders and clenches Her hands to prevent them from trembling, as if She wanted to pray more fervently, while Her face grows even paler and Her delicate eyelids close on Her kind sky-blue eyes with an expression full of anguish.   But She steadies Her voice after a deep sigh of anxiety and She concludes:  «But He, Who imposed His will on Me and Whom I serve with confident love, will grant Me His assistance for that hour.   He will grant it to Me, to Him... Because the Father cannot impose a will that exceeds the strength of man... and He succours... always... And He will succour us, My Son... He will succour us... and there is no one but HE, with His infinite means, who can succour us...»

Jesus finishes:  «Yes, Mother.   Love will succour us, and in love we will succour each other.   And in love we will redeem...»   Jesus has gone beside His Mother and lays His hand on Her shoulder and She raises Her face to look at Him, at Her handsome healthy Jesus destined to be disfigured by torture, with a thousand wounds, and She says:  «In love and in sorrow... Yes.   And together...»

No one speaks any more...


From: "The Poem of the Man-God", section 434. The story of Jesus' Life on earth as revealed to Maria Valtorta in 1945. The Bible should be received with genuine faith. In addition, each individual is free to accept or reject these private revelations. Read this book free online -

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