† I Was Angry At Jesus

Anne wrote:  "One day I felt the cup of bitterness overflowing.   I was saturated with bitterness and this resulted in anger.   Knowing that I needed to be alone, I obtained a precious period of time and set out for a long, pounding walk.   I passed the Adoration Chapel, trying to move quickly as the last thing I wanted to do was pray.   To be honest, I was angry at Jesus because I was convinced that heaven was unreasonable in its expectations.   I wanted to walk hard and deal with all that was hurting me.

Jesus said,  "Come to Me, Anne."

I said,  "No, Lord.   Trust me.   You do not want me in this condition.   I am too mad."

He replied,  "Fine. Walk with My enemy instead."

I made the sharpest turn you can imagine.   I understood that the enemy was gleeful at my condition and was more than willing to entertain me with all of the wrongs that had been sent my way...

From: Climbing the Mountain, v.2005, page.147  [by Anne, a lay apostle] Anne, a mother of six, began receiving interior locutions from Jesus regarding a renewal of faith in the world.  This book is about that.  The Bible should be received with genuine faith.  In addition, people are free to accept or reject these true private revelations.

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46-50, M
Nov 8, 2010