† Divine Love Compared To Man's Love

My daughter, all the doings of my most holy Son prove His divine love toward men  and how different this love is from that which they have among themselves.   Mortals are ordinarily so small-minded, niggardly (stingy/miserly), avaricious and sluggish, that they are usually not moved to love anyone unless they see some advantage in the objects of their love.   Hence the love of man is founded upon the good thought to be in those whom they love.   But divine love, having its fountain (of Love) within Itself, and being capable of effecting Its own wishes, does not seek man because man is worthy, but It loves mankind in order to make them worthy of love.   Therefore, no soul must despair of the Divine Goodness.

This particular message was conveyed through: The Mystical City of God, , this revelation of Mary, Mother of Christ to Sister Mary of Jesus, , Vol.3, p.292

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Nov 23, 2010