† Riveted Only On The Divine Providence

Human life is interwoven variously with both kinds of events; some of them according, others contrary to the likings of mortals;  some which they abhor, others which they desire.   As the human heart is limited and narrow it immoderately inclines to extremes, boundlessly desiring what it loves and likes, and on the other hand, grieving and sorrowing at what it abhors and dislikes.   These changeful moods and fluctuations create danger for all or many virtues.   The disorderly love for one creature which it cannot attain, moves the soul presently to desire another, expecting a balm for its disappointment in the former.   And if it is successful, the soul becomes involved and flurried in the desire of retaining what it possesses, thus casting itself by these velleities into still greater disorders and passions.   Attend, therefore, dearest, to this danger and attack it at the root by preserving your heart independent and riveted only on the divine Providence.

The source of all goodness and wisdom is God, and this particular message was conveyed through: The Mystical City of God, unabridged. This revelation of Mary, Mother of Christ to Sister Mary of Jesus (Mary of Agreda), translated by Fiscar Marison, Vol.2, p.608, (Recommend Bible as primary source and these teachings as supplemental.)

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46-50, M
Jan 17, 2011