† Surrendering Means You Are Trusting God

Our Blessed Mother spoke... "Beloved Children, I thank you for gathering again to pray the Glorious Mysteries at this time.   This is the time of the Holy Spirit.   Invite Him into your heart and into your family’s hearts—into your very being.

Tonight I ask you to surrender yourselves completely to God, to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit.   Surrender your pains and your concerns, your fears and your anxieties.   Surrendering or ‘giving up’ means you are trusting God.   Trust in His Love.   Do this with abandonment in your heart, wholeheartedly, with confidence that He will not let you down.

If you knew how much we love you.   I am gathering you all and all of your loved ones into the protection of My Immaculate Heart and I, in turn, will draw you closer to God.   Do not be afraid.

I bless you in the name of the the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit... Amen!

Excerpts from June 14, 2011 => http://www.carmenhumphrey.org/visions_4.html

On July 15, 1997 Carmen Humphrey, a housewife, mother of two boys and a former Registered Nurse received the gift of healing hands. In this website, she shares her testimony, many visions she has experienced, and many miracles she has witnessed. (near Saskatoon Saskatchewan)

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Jun 24, 2011