† My True Disciples

My true disciples must have the characteristic of following Me always.   The people did not follow Me except at intervals: when there were miracles to witness, when they merely were hoping for food and for favors.   However, My disciples followed Me both in My works and in consoling Me, on sea and on land, during storms and during calm.



From SM-81 in "Springs of Mercy", by Catalina (Katya) Rivas

"Springs of Mercy" marks the beginning of an extraordinary mystical experience. Catalina Rivas, a grandmother from Bolivia, began receiving messages from Jesus and Mary in 1993. Catalina did not finish high school, yet in less than three years she has written 8 books on Divine Spirituality. Without sufficient education, but she writes notebooks of 400 pages with no theological mistake; so you know something special is happening! Catalina does not financially benefit from the books.

This marvel is not an isolated Bolivian fact. It is integrated in a global spiritual phenomenon that compromises all countries. We live in a special age of grace. God has desired to talk once again to mankind, reminding us that He exists, that He loves us. And today, He serves Himself of many means to whisper to His ungrateful children, fresh words of love that promise a New Spring... whose sweet perfume already approaches.


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Aug 21, 2011