† Jesus: Son Of The Living God

The Blessed Mother:  "Together with Peter and Martha, declare that Jesus is the Son of the living God.   Adore His Divinity with profound respect.   Lift up your adoration together with those of the angels who are there present.   Meditate on: His Power, His Wisdom, His Kindness, His Justice, His Mercy, His Holiness and other perfections which are infinite.

Recognize Him as the Creator of all things.   Give Him thanks for the life He has given you.   Ask Him to forgive you for having stained the work of His Hands, with so much sin.   Plead with Him to reform your lives making you into new creatures so that within you a temple be built, a throne be elevated and ceiling be raised so that He can make His home in it.

Consider Jesus as Pontiff, who represents God.   His Victim is He, Himself.   He is: holy, innocent, spotless, separated from sinners, higher than the heavens, perfectly pleasing to God, and full of charity for all of you…  Penetrate into His Heart, with a living faith, in order to notice the zeal with which He offers to God, for your salvation, His own Person, His works, His death and His Blood.

My little children, Jesus is there to receive everything.   Also talk to Him…  Offer yourselves to the Father with Jesus, asking Him to offer Himself with you and all that belongs to you.   Promise Him, ahead of time, that you will lead a life of a victim – dying to all that is not of God…

Recognize Him as a Friend.   Contemplate: His grandeur, His richness, His generosity and the love that He manifests for us.   He is there to gladden you and alleviate you from the things that hurt you.   Thank Him for His kindness.   Open your hearts and tell Him all your needs.   Pleading with Him to help you…  You have no idea of the desire that He has to help you!…  Consecrate all the affections of your hearts and send to Him the greatest acts of love that are possible.

Look at Him as Leader.   Recognize His excellence, the charity and the ability of this leader who teaches you the paths of life.   He walks them with you.   He smoothes the way; He carries you in His arms.   He feeds you with His Body and Blood and protects you against all your enemies.

Thank Him and ask pardon for having abandoned His paths so many times to walk those of the enemy.   Promise Him that from now on you will follow very faithfully.   Ask for the continuation of His charity.   Unite yourselves to Him so as not to be mislead and get lost.   He is not only the leader who guides you, but also the light that illuminates your steps, the path that you walk and your final destination which is eternal life.

Contemplate Him as Comforter.   See the greatness and the power of this Divine Comforter.   His kindness allows Him to feel vividly all your misfortunes and obligates Him to descend specifically from Heaven to the altar, in order to come and console you.   Not in a dry and sterile way, as men do, but rather in a powerful and effective way, giving everyone all the help that they want.

His power does not recognize anything that is in excess and He has no need to say more than a word to put an end to all the miseries.   Feel them vividly; know your infirmities, the wounds that your enemies have given you.   The poverty and the disabilities that you have…  Ask Him for help and place in Him all your hope.   Await His divine consolations with a humble confidence and beseech Him to pour into your hearts His joy, His peace and His love.

From ARK-29 in "The Ark of the New Covenant", by Catalina (Katya) Rivas


On September 8, 1993, Catalina Rivas of Bolivia was painting roses on a blanket and thinking of a trip that she wanted to take with her mother, when all of a sudden she felt that her heartbeat began to accelerate, and she had the impression of hearing a woman’s sweet voice that said to her: "Do not fear; we will be together many days… My Maternal love will accompany you always." In the years that followed, Catalina received hundreds of messages from the Blessed Mother and from Jesus.

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