† Check The Motivations Of Your Heart

[The Lord speaks.....]  When I speak, when I send you forth, let it be in your complete focus upon Me.   Be resolved in MY Attitudes.   Be walking in Me, that it is *I* Who sustains you.   Do not waver in your purpose.   Let your purpose be Me.   And if you are truly in Me, let your purpose be Love.   You cannot break the evil spirit if you are motivated by it yourself.   So.....check the motivations of your heart.

Simply put:  To bring others to Me, first be in Me yourself.   To feed others My Word, first be fed and filled in Me, yourself.   Be bearers of My True Life.   Carry Me forth best, by bringing your entire self to Me first.   That when I do send you forth, it is with yourself firmly rooted.....grounded in Me.   Be in Me, that others might be in Me through you, your footing, your soundness, your Truth, your Love.....in Me.   In Me.   You in Me, I in you.   Yes.....we, us.   Amen.

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In March 1994, Laura (aka: Sarah) Zink's heart began to better understand how God so Lovingly speaks to His people. In April 1994 she understood Blessed Mother speaking to her heart. She asked if she could write her words, and Blessed Mother agreed. Our Good God has been permitting such kind communication daily since that date. (in Vermont)

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Nov 15, 2011