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† Elements That Contradict My Heart

My daughter, have Me in your heart always and let Me always be like a song of praise in your heart.   See how My eyes are on you?   I will keep instructing My knowledge to you...

Just for this mere act of mercy from My part, false witnesses rose against Me and hissed their violence against My given words and all the substance in them that vivify souls.   But do not worry, I am known to topple seats, arguments and power...

Have I not said:  "You shall love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and that you shall love your neighbour as yourself?"   Have they not learnt that in Judgment Day they shall be judged according to the measure of the love they had on earth?   How can they believe that they live in Me and are rooted in Me when they are at the mercy of the evil one?   Coarseness of language, violence of heart, are elements that contradict My Heart.   They are not fastening their attention on holiness, faith, love and peace as scripture teaches you.   Have they not read: "a servant of the Lord is not to engage in quarrels, but has to be kind to everyone."...

Listen to Me.   I have wept for all your failures, but My Heart is an abyss of Love and Mercy, brother.   I am the One who revives your spirit and brightens your eyes.   I give healing, life and blessings.   Were I to tell you flattering words, it would not be Me.   I have spelled out your faults so that you return to Me with a contrite heart and I will heal you...

Call upon the saints so that they show you the way to the Home of the Light, and your words will not be anymore empty-headed but will turn into a melody of peace, while you would be retracting all that you were saying against Me, repenting in dust and ashes.

Excerpts from the 05/02/01 message from our Lord to Vassula Rydén =>

Vassula Rydén who is Greek, born in Egypt, belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church. God approached her back in 1985 while she lived in Bangladesh in a most extraordinary way, to use her as His instrument and charge her with His messages for all mankind. In truth it is a reminder of His Word. In these messages for our times, God is calling us to repentance, reconciliation, peace and unity.

ForLove ForLove 46-50, M Feb 29, 2012

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