† Love In An Imitation Of Christ

"Love is a strong force – a great good in every way; it alone can make our burdens light; and alone it bears in equal balance what is pleasing and displeasing. It carries a burden and does not feel it; it makes all that is bitter: sweet.

The noble love of Jesus urges us to do great things and spurs us on to desire perfection. Love tends upward to God and is not occupied with the things of earth. Love also will be free from all worldly affections, so that its inner vision does not become dimmed, nor does it let itself be trapped by any temporal interest or downcast by misfortune.

Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing higher, nothing stronger, nothing larger, nothing more joyful, nothing better in heaven or on earth; for love is born of God and can find its rest only in God above all He has created.

Such lovers fly high, run swiftly and rejoice. Their souls are free; they give all for all and have all in all. For they rest in One Supreme Goodness above all things, from whom all good flows and proceeds. They look not only at the gifts, but at the Giver, Who is above all gifts.

Love knows no limits, but is fervent above all measure. It feels no burden, makes light of labor, desiring to do more than it is able. Nothing is impossible to love, for it thinks that it can and may do all things for the Beloved.

Therefore it does and effects many things, while those who do not love falter and fail.

Love is ever watchful; it rests, but does not sleep; though weary, it is not tired; restricted, yet not hindered. Although it sees reason to fear, it is not dismayed; but like a spark of fire or a burning flame, it blazes upward to God by the fervor of its love, and through the help of His grace is delivered from all dangers.

Those who love thus know well what their voices mean when they cry out to God with all the ardor of their soul; You, Lord God, are my whole love and all my desire. You are all mine and I am yours.

Let my heart expand in Your Love. Let me learn to know how sweet it is to serve You, how joyful it is to praise You, and to be dissolved in Your love. Oh, I am possessed by love and rise above myself because of the great fervor I feel through Your infinite goodness.

I will sing the canticle of love to You and will follow You, my Beloved, wherever You go, and may my soul never weary of praising You, rejoicing in Your love. I will love You more than myself and myself only for your sake; I will love all others in You and for You, as Your law of love commands.

Love is swift, sincere, pious, joyful, and glad; it is srong, patient, faithful, wise, forbearing, courageous, and is never self-seeking; for when people seek themselves, they cease to love.

Love is cautious, humble and upright; not weak, not flighty, nor concerned with trifles. It is sober, chaste, firm, quiet, and keeps guard over the senses.

Love is submissive and obedient to authority, mean and despicable in its own right, devout and thankful to God. Love trusts and hopes in God, even when it lacks fervor; for there is no living in love without some sorrow and pain.

Those who are not always ready to suffer and to stand disposed to the will of the Beloved are not worthy to be called lovers; for lovers must gladly embrace all hardship and bitter things for their Beloved, and never allow themselves to turn away from Him by adversity."

From the Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

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Alix began receiving messages from the Lord in the mid 1970's. Throughout the 1980's Alix received a series of messages from the Lord. The theme is that we are all 'Jerusalem': the Temple of the Lord that needs to be rebuilt. Since August 2001 Alix has received weekly messages, mostly from Our Lady, but occasionally from Our Lord as well. (in Honesdale, Pennsylvannia)

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