† Do Not Allow False Revelations To Deceive You

The Lord:  "Be attentive and do not allow false revelations to deceive you, so that their terrible events scare everyone.   The deathly work of the wolves will be seen in detail before the eyes of those who stay faithful and everyone will know of their acts of conceit and of pride.

From ARK97 in => http://youshallbelieve.com/Eng-ARK-Lg.pdf

On September 8, 1993, Catalina Rivas of Bolivia was painting roses on a blanket and thinking of a trip that she wanted to take with her mother, when all of a sudden she felt that her heartbeat began to accelerate, and she had the impression of hearing a woman’s sweet voice that said to her: "Do not fear; we will be together many days… My Maternal love will accompany you always." In the years that followed, Catalina received hundreds of messages from the Blessed Mother and from Jesus.

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Apr 9, 2012