† 293. Joseph, My Husband

Mar 24th, 2012 - Mary:  "There was my natural life and my supernatural life.   I lived as a daughter of Israel, attending the synagogue, learning the Jewish scriptures and fulfilling my role.   No one would have singled me out.   I dressed and ate as others.   I participated in family life and in the community life at Nazareth.

Yet, within me, my soul was absorbed by this Light that revealed God.   I understood God as taught by the scriptures, that He was one and there was no other.   But my supernatural light brought me to understand that within this oneness there were three perfect Persons, all eternal and almighty.   I did not share this with others, because I could not fully describe my experiences.

Then, I met Joseph.   He was kind and thoughtful.   He, too, was holy and devout.   Holiness joined us together.   My soul rejoiced in his presence and I shared with him some beginning revelations, those that I could put into words.   He always responded and I could see that my words gave nourishment to his soul.   So, we spoke often.   Our Jewish faith gave us many common themes.   He was a just man, always living according to the Mosaic Law.

I could not explain my attraction to him.   This attraction itself was a mystery and somehow, it shared in the mystery of God and the three Persons.   The more I was absorbed in God in heaven, the more I felt attracted to Joseph on earth.   God, himself, had singled him out and, my love for Joseph in no way violated my love for God.   The two went together in a mystery that I could not understand but which was so evident to me.

Then came a special moment.   I can never forget it.   Joseph was older than I and he had never thought of marrying again.   However, as we shared our mutual love for God, we both felt an attraction which we knew was there but we never spoke about.   Then, one day, under a divine inspiration, Joseph asked me to be his wife.   At this point, I had to tell him what God was doing in my soul.   I told him that I felt absorbed by God and, in these great gifts I had given myself totally to God, that I had consecrated myself in a way that no daughter of Abraham would even think of doing.   I had told God that I would be his perpetual virgin.   This was the first gift.   I also explained to Joseph that my attraction for him and his attraction for me was part of my divine experiences, that as I was absorbed into God, my heart was also moved closer to Joseph.   So, I placed this great mystery before him in the only words I knew.   He, somehow, understood.   Yet, both of us did not know the outcome.   I knew he was a just man and would ponder the situation.

Soon, however, he returned and said that, through me, God had touched his own heart and he, too, felt drawn into this holy calling.   He would share in my virginal consecration.   Again, he asked me to be his wife, with the understanding that he would always love me and protect me as a husband but would never ask me for the rights that a husband has regarding his wife.

We both knew that God had consummated a great gift.   We were more mutually joined in our hearts than any other couple who had promised to marry each other.   We were betrothed and we told everyone.   No one else knew the great mystery.   In the eyes of all, we were just like any other betrothed couple, waiting for the day when Joseph would tell my parents that he wanted to take me into his home.   This would be the final and concluding moment.

In my own heart, my heavenly call and my earthly call had come together.   This question was now answered.   When I consecrated my virginity to God, I did not know how this could ever be fulfilled in my Jewish culture which made no such provision.   God, in whom I had trusted, had everything prepared and I rejoiced in God my Savior.


From the source: "...For many years, I, Monsignor Esseff, have been director for a special soul. Five years ago, Jesus and Mary began to speak to this soul through locutions. These locutions now total over 800 messages. I have discerned the validity of these locutions. Beginning on December 10, 2010, a new phase began, namely, some locutions were to be told to the whole world...

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