† Message Of 18th April 2012, Borg In-nadur

My dear children and my children - the ones of my heart!   My children and my own little children, today I wish to convey the following, through this person:  I ask you, my children, to pray for the Church and for priests, and in a special way pray for your Bishop.   Indeed, my children, pray for your brothers, the priests.   They truly are the sons of my heart.   My children, I prohibit you from mocking the ones who err.   You would be hurting my heart and the heart of my Son Jesus.   Listen, my children, never condemn.   Just pray that the priests may never go astray.   My children, I tell you once more, I, who am the Mother of the Church and the Mother of priests: pray for the priests.   Help them out in their needs.   Show them the respect they deserve.   Remember that they are my chosen and anointed ones.   Pray for them and get people to pray for priests.

Say the rosary and get others to say the rosary.

Thank you for having listened to my call.

From => The Apparitions of Our Lady of Borg in-Nadur to Angelik:

ForLove ForLove
46-50, M
May 3, 2012