† That Their Virtues Are Not Pretentious Virtues

The Lord:

1) It is My custom to cover My greatest works with the most simplest things, so that nobody points them out and I am freer to act and then to deliver a surprise.

2) I see in some of you so many divine rivers that will inundate all the blessed and will flow over the earth doing good to souls…  Do not move from the channel!   I have a different measure for everyone.   And truly, the least will be the greatest.

3) Learn to be active in silence, not a slumbering whisper.   Lend counsel to and help both the poor and the rich.  Do not be a source of sadness around them.

4) Reflect about charity; do not stop on the way.   If you feel the impulse to be a leader among your brothers, your ambitions should be last, while those of the others should be first.   But among you there are neither chiefs nor leaders.   The glory is Mine.

5) Ah, if all of you would propose to serve Me seriously with the same determination that you put in serving your ambitions, your vanities, your sensuality…!

6) Be careful when you show off exterior manifestations of religiosity!   Many times I wanted to tell you:   Please, be less "Christian".   Your virtues should not be pretentious virtues.

7) Detach yourselves from the goods of the world and be content practicing spiritual poverty.   It is enough to pass life in a sober and temperate manner.   Otherwise, you will never be true apostles.

8) Learn to recognize My words in prudent people who do not boast.   I am beyond the noise, the spectacles, those whose strength escapes from them through their mouths and those who manifest easily the graces received.   Do not forget that on earth, everything which is big began small.   What is born big is monstrous and dies soon.   My life passed unnoticed for 30 years; with My elected I do the same thing, brick by brick.

9) My works are neither for leverage nor advancement.   They urge discernment and intelligence in you, the apostolate…  Be happy if you see others working in My fields; pray for abundant grace for them.   But you, on your way, persuade yourselves that you have no other way.   In apostolic work, disobedience and two-facedness are not pardoned…  Simplicity is neither imprudent nor indiscreet.

10) You have the obligation to sanctify yourself.   To all, without exception, I said:   Be perfect, as My Heavenly Father is perfect…

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On September 8, 1993, Catalina Rivas of Bolivia was painting roses on a blanket and thinking of a trip that she wanted to take with her mother, when all of a sudden she felt that her heartbeat began to accelerate, and she had the impression of hearing a woman’s sweet voice that said to her: "Do not fear; we will be together many days… My Maternal love will accompany you always." In the years that followed, Catalina received hundreds of messages from the Blessed Mother and from Jesus.

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