† Other Than Your Sinful Nature, You Are An Image Of God

The Blessed Mother’s Words:  "My dear children, praised be Jesus.   Thank God and bless Him for what good things He has done for us this day and always.   God who is ever faithful to us, provides all things that we might be filled with His love, filled with His joy, filled with His Spirit...  You now, as I once was, become Christ bearers, truly holding Christ in the depths of your heart . . . in the fullness of your bodies.   You have become living tabernacles.   You have become a sign to all people.   Dear ones, what a gift and what a grace that those who might see you will see Christ within you, both in the way you act . . . in the words you say, in the faith that you have . . . and in your own corporal bodies, for truly you are united . . . one people, under the same God in Christ.

Dear ones, what a gift God has given us in Himself, for He is Father to children.   He is the one who guides us, who teaches us, whose wisdom is greater than all things.   He is Son and Redeemer and healer and teacher.   He comes in His body and blood, soul and divinity, to fill His people that we might have strength in Him and in Him alone.   He comes in His Spirit to be the great advocate, the great teacher, the great minister to all people...

Dear ones, do not forget that God . . . who loves you so much that He came to this earth and became man that you might know Him as a man, that you might know Him as a divine person in a human soul . . . dear ones, He loves you so much that still He comes to you.   Daily He is on your altars and in your churches.   Daily He is in your homes and among your family.   Daily you have the opportunity to serve Him, to love Him fully, to give all that you have to Him.   In doing so, dear children, you will be most blessed, for giving all to God . . . giving all that you have to Him, all that you are to Him, all that you ever shall be to Him . . . truly it is the road to sainthood.   You have come to know through those who God has sent to you, that the way to become a holy person of God is not to be perfected in your own will, but perfected in God’s Will.   To abandon yourself completely to Him, to give to Him all that you are, that is the greatest gift that you can give to yourselves, to your families, to the world.   When you become for Him a vessel of His spirit, when you empty yourself of all that is of you, then, dear ones, God can do marvelous things through you.

I urge you and encourage you this day to again commit your hearts to being fully in love with Christ.   Fill yourselves with His Word... the great life that He breathes into your soul in each meeting . . . in each encounter.   Live each day the faith that you profess so devoutly when you pray.   Live the faith that God gave to you as a gift that you might gift others with the example of that faith.

Dear ones, do not become discouraged or distracted.   Do not become so absorbed in your problems, in your troubles, and in your sorrows, that you fail to see the road that is ahead of you.   It is easy to become lost.   It is easy to become distracted, for there are such trials in life and such difficulties.   And yet he who has true faith, who sees the love of God, who knows how God works in the hearts of His children, can look past the storms . . . can weather them out . . . can see the glory that waits on the other side of the passion.

Dear ones, just as Christ Himself walked the road of passion, just as He . . . He who is greater than all things . . . first had to suffer, had to die . . . before the Resurrection, before the ascension . . . so too must you die to yourselves and to your own lives, giving up all that is yours, all that you are, all that you have in your mind, that God who is true might work through you.   It is a great sacrifice, for the mind of man does not desire to give up that which he wants, but rather to seek out his own pleasures.   It is the state of the nature of man and it is the reason why man continues to sin even with such good news . . . even with such grace . . . even with such blessings.

But you must not think that there is no hope, for other than your sinful nature, you are an image of God!   He created you as He is . . . perfect!   He created you to love . . . to shine His light, His joy, His beauty, His grace . . . to be carriers of light into a dark world.   Other than the sinfulness . . . which you must not embrace, but you must fight against each day, praying for conversion . . . other than this you are as Christ was and always will be.   And it is the intention of God . . . it is the will of God . . . that you return to such a state, that again man and God might be united in one . . . Creator and creature . . . Father and son . . . always united in love.

It is for this reason He sends His mother to call you, to teach you, to show you the way.   It is simple, dear ones.   Place your hands in God’s.   Place your arms around God.   Place your eyes upon God as a child with a father or mother.   Trustingly let Him embrace you.   Trustingly let Him fill you.   Trustingly let Him free you, that you might again become that which He knows you to be . . . a people always united in Him.   Cling to nothing in this world.   Cling to nothing in your lives.   Cling to the cross and embrace it, for it is through the cross that you will receive eternal life.   Dear ones, know as your mother I am with you now and always.   I intercede always before God on your behalf and pray that He may fill you with His unending peace.

Excerpt from 03/25/03 @ => http://www.heavenlygrace.org/

In November 2004, the public messages to this prayer group concluded, except for an annual message. The Blessed Mother had accomplished the task given to her by God. The prayer group continues to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month, confident that while our Blessed Mother’s voice is silent, she is ever present as our advocate and intercessor.

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