† Message Of 26th April 2012, Given At Angelik’s Home

My dear children and my children - the ones of my heart!   I am the Immaculate Conception!   I am the Mother of God!   I am the first tabernacle!

I want you to spread these messages, that I am giving you wherever I am being sent by my Son Jesus - to so many places around the world - so that conversion among all the people of the world may come about.   I ask you, my children and my own little children, not to waste time.   Do not get so taken up by the things that surround you, that you fail to notice these signs that are being given to me, that I may pass them on to you.

How long am I to keep on telling you this, my children?   How much longer am I to walk the countries of this world?   How much longer am I to continue indicating the way to truth?   How much longer will I continue to urge you to conversion?

Indeed, my children, many no longer attend, leaving the places empty.   Ask yourselves why.   The number of those coming to Borg in-Nadur has also gone down.   Belief and faith have decreased.   Ask yourselves why, my own little children.   Take a good look around and ask as to why this is happening.   Are you not realizing what is taking place?   This is why my Son Jesus is sending me to this island of Malta.   I beg you, my children, indeed, I beg you: come to Church.   Go to confession.   Read the Bible and observe the Word of God, the living Word.   Live according to the Word of my Son Jesus and allow it to transform your life.

Thank you for having listened to my call.

From => The Apparitions of Our Lady of Borg in-Nadur to Angelik:

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46-50, M
May 7, 2012